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About D-arc BUILD

D-arc BUILD is a distinctive showcase of Design, Architecture, Building and Construction related technologies. India's finest knowledge sharing platform which promotes innovation in Construction & Infrastructure sector wherein exhibitors from around the world showcase their potential by providing detailed demonstrations of latest products and services within industry segmented pavilions, curated by seasoned professionals from the fraternity.

A forum having potential for networking, market alliances, branding and expanding National and International presence. A one stop destination for a business to create differentiation and stand out in Market. READ MORE

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Testimonials - Industry Speaks
I would like to congratulate D-arc BUILD because the way they have exhibited the things and the quality of the exhibitors is fantastic. Whosoever participated have participated with complete excitement. I would also like to congratulate D-arc BUILD team for giving relentless efforts and for putting up a fantastic show.
Mr. Sunil Jha
Bestone Impex
I wish to put on record our appreciation for the excellently curated and executed exhibition. The selection of participants, their layout plan everything was superb and excellent. Zion’s team has shown full professionalism and humanity. They were very clear in concept and content detail. Their behavior was very caring for each and every visitor. I wish you all the best for the future exhibition and look forward to a long business relationship.
Dr. Kaushik Jhingan
A1 Avighna Associates
Thank You D-arc BUILD, Mr. Adarsh Singh and team to bring us here on this great Platform. I would like to wish you best chance for next year and see your double digit growth for bringing all the IIA and IIID participants. We had a good time.
Mr. Mahesh Nagreja
We participated in D-arc BUILD 2022 and received a huge response, it was very well managed and we got a huge amount of enquiries and orders. Also we had a very cream and niche crowd here. There were Architects, Builders and the end users present. Everything was amazing and we are in full support of Zion, Kuddos to Team Zion.
Mr. Ratan Sehgal
We had a very different kind of experience at D-arc BUILD. It is amazing to see the way everything was presented. I haven't seen so well managed exhibition before, very nice. I am very happy with organizers and overall management. D-arc BUILD future is very bright ahead. We will surely be participating and getting associated in future as well.
Interior craft
D-arc BUILD has been a great show for us! I have to say that whatever people have come in have been the right kind of audience. There has not been any rift raft crowd which had actually come in. Next year in 2023, we would definitely want to be a part of the show because there’s been very niche crowd and brands. I wish Zion exhibitions all the very best and I hope next year we’ll make it into a much much successful show.
Ms. Ruchika Jain
It was my pleasure being at D-arc BUILD. They made fantastic efforts. We got to meet some very good people here, we’re getting to showcase our products and ideology to the nicest people and the best architects in the country. So, I congratulate D-arc BUILD for creating this platform and I wish it all the best.
Ms. Geetanjali Kasriwal
I would like to thank D-arc BUILD 2022 for the opportunity to place our stall. Our brand received satisfactory visibility, good number of enquiries, good number of connections with architects, customers and many dealers as well. So I would like to thank D-arc Team and for 2023 yes we will come up with a bigger stall, bigger products and better services next time. So, Thank you D-arc BUILD and all the best.
Sneh Lata
Saint Gobain
The experience at D-arc BUILD 2022 was phenomenal, the B2B platform offered a lot to us, we got best of the clients and we’re on million missions which are definitely going to be completed with the help of D-arc BUILD. D-arc BUILD is going to be an important stepping stone for us, looking forward to work with D-arc BUILD for times to come.
Mr. Omesh Narula
Easa Elevators
It was a great Exhibition; we would like to wish to continue our participation in 2023 as well. Wish D-arc BUILD Team All the Best.
Mr. Deepak Garg
I would like to thank D-arc BUILD for creating a platform which allows people like us, the innovation and technology companies, to get associated with top and leading architects across country and globe. The show response was great. Great job done by Zion Exhibition, keep it up!
Mr. Jaspreet Singh
It was a wonderful experience to be part of D-arc BUILD. We had a very positive and optimistic experience and looking forward to something fruitful in coming future. It was a pleasure participating in such a big platform and would like to thank Zion’s Team once again for giving us an opportunity to showcase our products in front of designer and architect giants. Through Zion, we have also got the opportunity to explore many options and we certainly hope that it will help us to grow our business in the coming future. We are glad that we have come across many Interior Designers and Architect clients who would like to collaborate with us. "Thank You Zion"
Mr.Rohit Kumar
One of its kind event.. Fantastic execution of all the activities.. Kudos to Zion team and all the best for future!
Mr.Vivek Sinha
After seeing today’s event, I was overwhelmed with your articulate arrangements. Initially, I was apprehensive, but seeing your team’s confidence, we decided to participate in D-arc BUILD. The Team prove everybody wrong. Hats off to the Team …We will surely be participating again in future times to come. I am very impressed with the event. We appreciate the kind of companies and niche crowd you brought in and the way it gave leverage to our Brand. Thank you once again! We look forward to such events. Thanks again to Mr. Adarsh Singh and Team. Keep It Up! Industry Speaks
Rakesh Prasad
I always find visits to such events very inspiring and exhilarating. You are able to meet with relevant fraternity and you are also able to see the new products and trends that are coming up and seeing them in person is very gratifying. I also appreciate the team for bringing a lot of people from the fraternity together at one place.
Shilpa Architects
I think D-arc BUILD is a fantastic platform for all big brands to come in and exhibit to architects and designers like us who are constantly looking for innovation, constantly looking for the artsy stuff. We see the finest of brands struggling with vendors and these kind of exhibitions put it all together for us, gives opportunity to brands. Also, designers and architects are able to network, to interact and also derive the best of vendors located in one space. All in all, I think it is a great initiative and a fantastic brand. So, I feel the beginning of D-arc BUILD was fantastic and I wish them all the best.
Shruti Sodhi Designs
My experience at D-arc BUILD has been very warm and very nice one. Very well laid out and planned out exhibition and the best part is the big and openness of the space, where I can see all the stalls in much relaxed manner, where I can spend more time on the stalls and I can also interact with the brands. I would say it is very well managed event.
Design Accord Consultants
As architects we look forward to occasions to interact with industry to find out what's new, the trends and materials coming out in the market. And this particular exhibition, I think it has stood out as something exceptional, the kind of materials, vendors and technologies that have been showcased here are quite unique and the way it has been curated is very important. As an architect and designer, I feel nice to move around in this space, it's not cluttered, it’s very vibrant and specially the idea of the D-arc Ultra-Luxe Pavilion is new with live performances and art sculptures. I think that is something which made it very unique. I look forward to long association with D-arc BUILD in next format.
Design Consortium
I came from Mumbai to attend D-arc BUILD expo. Architects are creative people, we look forward to new designs technologies and friends. It is very important for us to discover new materials and look forward to visit exhibitions where people show the industry new materials, new products, new qualities, new technologies and great knowledge sharing. At this exhibition, I have seen a lot of participations of product range. My compliments to D-arc BUILD and Zion exhibitions to organise this exhibition and wish them all the best of future. Cheers!
Prem Nath & Associates
I am happy to visit D-arc BUILD. I want to compliment and congratulate Mr. Gurtej Singh Gill and Mr. Adarsh Singh for organizing such a lovely exhibition.
Chairman of IIID Mumbai Chapter
We had great experience here at D-arc BUILD, our students got good exposure, they learned a lot here for their future preparation in the field of interior design. We are looking forward for further experience at D-arc BUILD. We got great experience at Bobby Mukherjee session; overall it was a great session and great opportunity.
School of Interior Design
Coming here at D-arc BUILD and finding new technologies so that we really use that product in our company’s projects, we got to see a wide range of products. I would like to call my architects team, so that they can identify things for designing their projects.
Mr. Santosh Kumar
D-arc BUILD has been a good confluence for interior designers and architects, we could see all budding designers and students, also who are now heading towards the architectural profession as well as established architects. I think it's a very well organized speaker forum on different topics and subjects and a wide range of stalls and products. Very well laid out and spread is good and had interactive meet with top niche people. All the best for the future.
Mr. Amit Arora
Congratulations to the whole Zion exhibition crew for a job well done in hosting D-arc Expo. CG SHF is grateful for a forum that brought together so many specialists in the Infrastructure industry and allowed them to share their experience. Though the expo was only B2B, it felt like buyers, sellers, and designers were all in the same room. This great ambitious attempt to create a dialogue between interior designers and core architecture to infrastructure development was very exciting and innovative, and it felt like one step ahead and would be very helpful in making the new India of tomorrow. Understanding the many construction goods and advances that are taking place across India's north, south, east, west, and whole perimeter, where we discovered that there is so much room for new technology, new materials, and new ideas. I wish this platform tremendous success; it is one of the important steps ahead.
Prof Charanjit S Shah Founding Principal,
Creative Group LLP Chairman, CG Smart Habitat Foundation
D-arch BUILD was a very well curated trade fair with equal opportunities for both the design community and the material and services vendors. I had a very pleasant experience being a part of the event. Congratulations for the show to Zion and best wishes for future engagements.
Amit Sharma Member
Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)